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  • Generate Report Blank

    I just upgraded to ver 6.0d and now I notice that the Generate Report does not work as before. I was using it to report an all users report. If the user name starts with a number it will not export but bring up a blank screen, regardless if you choose to report on just the selected user or all. If you deselect the user the report works fine.
    Also in this version what is the easiest way to export to an xls file? I had to copy and paste as the send option locks my computer

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    Re: Generate Report Blank

    Can you give us step-by-step details on this?


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      Re: Generate Report Blank

      Launch Hyena v6.0
      Double click on location of user in question.
      In my case I went to the all users icon.
      On the left pane choose the name.
      In my instance the user Starts with the numbers 35"
      Select this user, goto tools, select generate report.
      Give the table a name, click in selected items only, click on OK.
      The windows that comes up next is blank with no information. This only happens with the users that start with a number as far as I can tell...


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        Re: Generate Report Blank

        I can't duplicate this, so go ahead and send some screen shots to [email protected] so we can see what you are seeing.