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Creating schema attributes?

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  • Creating schema attributes?

    I'm interested in using the queries but was wondering if there's any way one could create a new schema? I'd like to be able to retreive certain entries from the registry. I have done this with Exporter Pro and it's absolutely amazing. I was just wondering on the same function as a built in query.

    Thank you ever so much for providing a tool better that what Microsoft has ever put out.

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    Re: Creating schema attributes?

    I'm not quite sure what you are looking for. Can you give more details on what you are wanting to see?


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      Re: Creating schema attributes?

      Well, when you right-click on on object, by default under Tabular Views, you can choose from Computer(summary) and Computer(details). I created my own query for Computers(Service Pack Level). I created this in the Object Manager Configuration.

      Within here, on tab Queries, you can modify existing queries or create your own with the default schema attributes supplied.

      Does that help?


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        Re: Creating schema attributes?

        I'm looking to retrieve entries for Trend program / engine / pattern.


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          Re: Creating schema attributes?

          If you have extended Schema attributes in AD, you can add them on the AD Queries tab under File->Manage Object View.


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            Re: Creating schema attributes?

            Hyena's queries are only for Active Directory. Registry information cannot be queried that way (its not in the directory).

            At present, Hyena does not have a 'query' method for registry access, only Exporter Pro.
            Kevin Stanush
            SystemTools Software Inc.


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              Re: Creating schema attributes?

              Hey Folks, Many many thanks for your quick responses!!!
              I'll keep working the Exporter Pro functions (I love the registry section).
              Keep up the great work on these tools