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  • Displaying Computers by OU

    We have an OU structure that looks a bit like this

    Head Office (OU)
    --> Dept-1 (OU)
    --> --> Computers (OU)
    --> --> --> Comp01 (Computer)
    --> --> Users
    --> --> --> user01 (user)
    --> Dept-2 (OU)
    --> --> Computers (OU)
    --> --> --> Comp02 (Computer)
    --> --> Users
    --> --> --> user02 (user)
    Branches (OU)
    --> Branch-1 (OU)
    --> --> Computers (OU)
    --> --> --> Comp11 (Computer)
    --> --> Users
    --> --> --> user11 (user)
    --> Branch-2 (OU)
    --> --> Computers (OU)
    --> --> --> Comp22 (Computer)
    --> --> Users
    --> --> --> user22 (user)

    As you can see we have disparate Computer OU's within the strucuture. It allows us to collect the computers from individual Head Office departments or Branches into separate OU's.

    Hyena does allow us to view ALL computers, but would it be possible to filter so we can see all of the computers that are in any sub-OU within the top level "Head Office" OU ? (or similarly, "Branches"?)

    Alternatively, is it possible to display the full OU path from an entry in Object Manager so we can filter on this ?

    Andrew Whitton

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    Re: Displaying Computers by OU

    Yes, you can do this using the OU filtering toolbar at the bottom of Hyena's window. First, click on the OU (the toolbar should then become visible). Then click on the Up button on the OU toolbar to deselect all objects, then click (press down) the computer button on the OU toolbar. Also click on the first button (Traverse containers). Then, just double-click on your OU. Hyena will go down through the selected OU and any sub-OUs and display any object that you have selected on the toolbar.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.