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  • need command

    Well I want to export databases automaticaly with command but with exporter we can choose our config and domain and server. But config file is not very good because we must indicate path exe.

    exporter .\export.ini GDSNB FICHIER

    then i want to execute exporter pro because config file is great but how to specify domain and server. and how to start application automaticaly with command.

    stexport.exe /CONFIG=Path\C:\Program Files\Hyena\test_taubrun_stage.INI

    I want to execute on server by client.

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    Re: need command

    The ini file that you specify on the command line has a setting that points to the object file:


    This file is where it will get the list of computers, and you can either add them in manually in Exporter Pro, or select your servers in Hyena, then choose Export Selected Objects.

    Find the object file that this creates and make a copy of it for your automated process to use. I believe it is called HYENA_EXPORTER_PRO.DAT. Make sure to make a copy of that, though, because it will be overwritten each time you use the Export Selected Objects function in Hyena.