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Exporter only works on local subnet

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  • Exporter only works on local subnet

    Our exporter appears to only be retrieving data for servers on our local subnet, as opposed to the entire domain which is spread out over several subnets. It has been working fine up until recently (the last time we changed our export.ini file was in May of last year.) Any ideas on what could be causing this behavior? Anyone notice anything like this after patching servers with the latest Microsoft Security patches?


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    Re: Exporter only works on local subnet

    Exporter gets it's list of computers from the Windows Browse List, so more than likely the changes that were made are keeping these computers from broadcasting information for the Browse List.

    If you need just the servers, you might consider creating a batch file and specifying each computer such as:

    exporter .\export.ini domain computerA
    exporter .\export.ini domain computerB
    exporter .\export.ini domain computerC

    The other option would be to use the new Exporter Pro that is part of Hyena. With it you can select the computers you want to export against in Hyena, then run Exporter Pro against those computers. It also has more powerful filtering options and can get the list of computers directly from the domain or Active Directory.