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  • Automatic audit

    I use Hyena to audit group membership. I now manuly go to each one of our domains and select "All Groups", filter out the "*.ALL" groups. Next I then Select all groups, and then "Show Memebers". I then "generate a report" (I use the overwright for the first domain, and then the append for each additional domain, so I have one database for all). I have to then repeat this process for each domain and sometimes it takes a good amount of time to run. Is there away to automate it so I can run a macro to do it all?


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    Re: Automatic audit

    There's no way to automate what you are doing, but you could use the Exporter Pro and have it export all groups with their members to a file for you. Then just filter out what you don't want either in Excel or through Access.


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      Re: Automatic audit

      hi, I am in the same case.
      I have any server and i want to export shares files automaticaly. With exporter pro i can do this but i don t know all the command.
      stexport.exe /CONFIG=Path\C:\Program Files\Hyena\test_taubrun_stage.INI

      but how to indicate server name??

      And how to find all my server name automaticaly with hyena??

      And is it possible to generate a report automaticaly because exporter give us a txt format.


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        Re: Automatic audit

        The ini file that you specify on the command line has a setting that points to the object file:


        This file is where it will get the list of servers, and you can either add them in manually in Exporter Pro, or select your servers in Hyena, then choose Export Selected Objects. Find the object file that this creates and make a copy of it for your automated process to use. I believe it is called HYENA_EXPORTER_PRO.DAT. Make sure to make a copy of that, though, because it will be overwritten each time you use the Export Selected Objects function in Hyena.