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Report differences between Exporter and Pro?

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  • Report differences between Exporter and Pro?

    How can I get the same reports from Exporter Pro that I'm used to getting with Exporter? Many of the options in Pro are not the same, but I like the multiple DC consolidation feature. Does anyone have a config or dat file that will approximate the old Exporter reports? Thanks, Mike

    In Exporter, the user data fields I get are:

    DomainName ServerType ServerName UserName HomeDir Comment ScriptPath FullName UserComment Profile HomeDirDrive LogonTo PwdAge PwdLife LastLogon LastLogoff AcctExpires NoChgPwd NoExpirePwd Disabled LockOut PwdNotReqd PwdExpired RAS RAScallback PrimaryGroup

    In Pro, I get:
    samaccountname description displayname accountexpires lastlogoff lastlogon userprincipalname useraccountcontrol adspath distinguishedname name

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    Re: Report differences between Exporter and Pro?

    There's no way to match them exactly because Exporter Pro is retrieving data through Active Directory, whereas Exporter is using NT function calls. You can add additional fields to Exporter Pro's output in the export properties for the export you are running.