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  • report for single workstation

    I would like to have report on specific workstation in the domain.
    With “Explorer Pro” I can have the data I need in excel or txt files. The bigger problem is that I can’t (don’t know how to) have all the data I need in a single file. At the moment I can have couple of files each containing just part of the data I need (in one there are hard disks, in another applications installed, in third…). It is complicated for every report I need to convert every xls file into mdb, there to join everything and prepare a report in access.
    I have tried with “Generate Report” but all the reports in Access are empty except “computers”. I tried the “settings” (below “generate report”), but I can’t adjust what to be printed in the reports from there.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: report for single workstation

    Unfortunately there is no way to have all of this export or report to one file. You must take the output files and combine them the way you have been.