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Server name in export info (Hyena 5.7)

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  • Server name in export info (Hyena 5.7)

    I will be adding a number of servers to the Exporter Pro window. I'd like to run a report on one or more servers, but have the output filename include the name of the server (ie. ServerName_Services.txt, ServerName_Shares.txt, etc). How can I do this? I don't want (for example) printer info for all exported servers to be lumped together. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Server name in export info (Hyena 5.7)

    The way it currently works is not planned for change at this point. Exporter will always export to a single file, so if you have multiple computers exporting at the same time, it will always dump to one file. We may look into offering options for the way the file gets named, but again it wouldn't do what you've asked for here.