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Export all unused cmputers

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  • Export all unused cmputers

    I'm using a trial version of Hyena 5.5 .

    Is it possible for me to get an excel spreadsheet of all computers (not servers) and dispaly if anybody has been using it. We are trying to clean out our AD accounts of pcs which we no longer need or use...

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    Re: Export all unused cmputers

    The easiest solution would be to right-click on the Computers object beneath your Domain and choose Tabular Views->Computer (Detailed). When this finishes displaying in the right window scroll over and find the column labeled Pwd Last Set. You can sort the records by clicking on the column header to be able to see those that haven't been set in a period of time.

    Periodically a computer will reset it's computer account password with the controller, so those that have a longer time frame since last set will be suspect as no longer being in use.