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    I'm trying to run a report. Looking to get as much info on each server as possible. i.e.
    Server01, disk space, shares, etc
    Server02, disk space, shares, etc

    I dont mind running a report per server(I'd prefer that) But I am totally stumped! The export tool keeps asking for INI files, and the report tool only displays whats on screen. I checked the help files but no help. I'm of average intelligence and the export tool seems very there a whitepaper or walkthrough to get this info?? Thanks in advance, Hyena is an awesome product.


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    Re: Newbie Question

    At this point it would be better to have you upgrade to Exporter 1.2, which is part of the Hyena beta. You can get the instructions by sending a blank email to [email protected].

    The reason for this is it has several enhancements to make initial configuration easier to manage.