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  • Exporter issues

    I am having problems getting the Exporter to work correctly. My end goal is to export a list of the groups and their members from all our Domain controllers and servers.

    To date I have tried to export just a list of computers while filtering for just Domain controllers and the exporter still wants to export all computers.

    I tried exporting a list of users from the AD tab with just the name and pwdlastset and instead of just those two fields I get the headers for ALL the available fields with no exported information about the users.

    I also tried exporting both the local/NT groups and local/NT users and get the same thing. No matter what headers I chose to export the exporter exports ALL the available headers with no user or group information.

    I had much more success with the older version of the exporter and am getting pretty frustrated here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    BTW....all Win2k domain and the object has been setup for that.

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    Re: Exporter issues

    We are making changes to future versions of the Exporter to make it easier to get it setup and running.

    One thing to realize is that when you use the Set Filter option, you will see all computers listed in the right window. This is because it displays all progress information, and to ensure that it has a correct list of computers to report against it will query all computers to get their type.

    Your output file, though, will only contain exports for the computer types that you specified in your filter. So, let it run to completion, then check your output file and let us know what you get.

    Another option is rather than using the Domain object, you can enter in an object for each controller that you want included in the export. The Exporter will run against all objects in the left window, so if you only have your domain controllers in there, that is all that will be exported.

    If you have these in seperate OUs, you should also be able to just ad a Container/OU obect for that OU and have Exporter export information for those objects.

    The local/NT groups and local/NT users options won't work since these are AD controllers, so the Active Directory tab will be the place to configure your exports.

    With that said, give the above a try and let us know what your AD output files contain after running the exports.


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      Re: Exporter issues

      I would first recommend that you get on our beta list for Exporter Pro version 1.2. Join this group by sending a blank email to [email protected].

      Your export configuration, as I understand it, has two very different goals: get a list of groups from domain controllers and member servers. I would there suggest that you split your export configuration into two parts:

      1. Create a configuration with just your Active Directory domain(s), and only configure it to export group/member information. You won't need a filter at all.

      2. Create a second configuration to export your group information from your servers. If you don't have a lot of servers, you can create a custom grouping for them, or just enter the domains, and let Exporter find the servers. The beta has options to control how the computer list is determined.

      You can put all of this into one configuration too, but breaking it down like this may make it easier to understand.
      Kevin Stanush
      SystemTools Software Inc.


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        Re: Exporter issues

        thanks ya'll, I'll give your suggestions a try and let you know how it goes.