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Hot-fixes from server

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  • Hot-fixes from server

    I'm not sure what i'm missing, but i'm missing something with this Hyena 5.5. I'm trying run a report on the Hotfixes the are presently installed on 500 Winddows 2000 servers. Below is step - by - step how i'm trying to configured the Export tool to obtain this iformation:

    - I click on Configuration > Edit >New object> I selct the SERVER from the pull down.
    - I enter a display name
    - I enter the Domain name.
    -Click oK.

    Next, I clieck on Configuration > Properties and the Registry Tab > I Check Hot Fixes and patches. Click OK.

    Next, Select the Computer Tab> I Enable Export Computer> then I clieck server filter types (First three checkboxes on the filter diaglog were check).

    Then I Run Export.

    What i'm missing? If I can not figure this out soon, We can not move foward on upgrading to the new version.

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    Re: Hot-fixes from server

    When you create your object, you need to use a Domain object rather than a Server object.

    Edit the object and change the type then run your export again and let us know what you get.