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    I wanted to be able to get a list of all the members of a distribution list, but I don't see an option in the Exporter to get the distribution type group. For that matter, I didn't see Universal groups either. (All of my distribution groups are 'universal' and they are the only ones that are universal.)
    Is there a way to do this with the exporter or do I need to do it through the report tool in Hyena?

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    Re: Distribution Group List

    Using Hyena, you can multi-select the groups in Hyena's right window, right click, and select the View Members option. When you get the listing, Control-A, then Control-C to copy the data to the clipboard.

    Exporter has been rewritten and will now be Exporter Pro, which we place to release in early December (hoping for December 1). Exporter Pro will be independent of Hyena and licensed separately, but if the Hyena license is current with maintenance, then Exporter Pro is free (w/Hyena).

    Exporter Pro can export any Active Directory data, including Universal groups and their members.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Distribution Group List

      Follow up-

      I'm doing the same thing as jlejon, only I need to be able to generate a list of the users and also the email address that is part of the distribution list.

      Running Windows 2000 Server, Exchange Server 2003, Hyena 6.0 configured for Exchange 2000/2003 Integration.

      Thanks in advance.

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        Re: Distribution Group List

        dhebert, can you give us more details on what you are wanting to do?


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          Re: Distribution Group List

          Sure. Here's my exact scenario:

          I have numerous distribution lists for various departments throughout my organization. On a regular basis, I get requests from the head of those departments asking for a list of not only the users on the list but the actual email addresses for those users on the list(we have a lot of users that have multiple email addresses).

          I can get a list of the users easy enough but getting down to the email addresses themselves without going into each individual member of the list is giving me trouble.

          Basically, when one of these people comes around asking for the list of emails in a distribution list, I'd like to be able to just go into the list and generate a report or export the list of the email addresses that are on that list.

          Thanks for your time,


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            Re: Distribution Group List

            There are a couple of methods you can use for this. One would be to expand the group in Hyena's left window then double-click on Members. This displays the members in Hyena's right window, where you can select all of these users then right-click and choose Tabular Views->User(Contact). One of the fields should be E-Mail.

            You can also use the Exporter Pro for this. The latest version allows you to select groups, users, etc in Hyena and then run Exporter Pro against those objects. You'd do this by selecting them, then going to Tools->Exporter Pro->Export Selected Objects.


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              Re: Distribution Group List

              Thanks cmccullough, that User(Contact) view was the last piece I was missing. That was exactly waht I was looking for.