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Exporting MAC addresses

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  • Exporting MAC addresses

    One of my computers has a duplicate IP address conflict. Can Hyena export ALL the MAC addresses for the workstations on my network? Thanks.

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    Re: Exporting MAC addresses

    Unfortunately Hyena can't export the MAC addresses.


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      Re: Exporting MAC addresses

      WMI will get you the MAC addresses for all Network Adapters on a machine.

      On Error Resume Next
      strComputer = "."
      Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")
      Set colItems = objWMIService.ExecQuery("Select * from Win32_NetworkAdapter",,48)
      For Each objItem in colItems
      Wscript.Echo "AdapterType: " & objItem.AdapterType
      Wscript.Echo "AdapterTypeId: " & objItem.AdapterTypeId
      Wscript.Echo "AutoSense: " & objItem.AutoSense
      Wscript.Echo "Availability: " & objItem.Availability
      Wscript.Echo "Caption: " & objItem.Caption
      Wscript.Echo "ConfigManagerErrorCode: " & objItem.ConfigManagerErrorCode
      Wscript.Echo "ConfigManagerUserConfig: " & objItem.ConfigManagerUserConfig
      Wscript.Echo "CreationClassName: " & objItem.CreationClassName
      Wscript.Echo "Description: " & objItem.Description
      Wscript.Echo "DeviceID: " & objItem.DeviceID
      Wscript.Echo "ErrorCleared: " & objItem.ErrorCleared
      Wscript.Echo "ErrorDescription: " & objItem.ErrorDescription
      Wscript.Echo "Index: " & objItem.Index
      Wscript.Echo "InstallDate: " & objItem.InstallDate
      Wscript.Echo "Installed: " & objItem.Installed
      Wscript.Echo "LastErrorCode: " & objItem.LastErrorCode
      Wscript.Echo "MACAddress: " & objItem.MACAddress
      Wscript.Echo "Manufacturer: " & objItem.Manufacturer
      Wscript.Echo "MaxNumberControlled: " & objItem.MaxNumberControlled
      Wscript.Echo "MaxSpeed: " & objItem.MaxSpeed
      Wscript.Echo "Name: " & objItem.Name
      Wscript.Echo "NetConnectionID: " & objItem.NetConnectionID
      Wscript.Echo "NetConnectionStatus: " & objItem.NetConnectionStatus
      Wscript.Echo "NetworkAddresses: " & objItem.NetworkAddresses
      Wscript.Echo "PermanentAddress: " & objItem.PermanentAddress
      Wscript.Echo "PNPDeviceID: " & objItem.PNPDeviceID
      Wscript.Echo "PowerManagementCapabilities: " & objItem.PowerManagementCapabilities
      Wscript.Echo "PowerManagementSupported: " & objItem.PowerManagementSupported
      Wscript.Echo "ProductName: " & objItem.ProductName
      Wscript.Echo "ServiceName: " & objItem.ServiceName
      Wscript.Echo "Speed: " & objItem.Speed
      Wscript.Echo "Status: " & objItem.Status
      Wscript.Echo "StatusInfo: " & objItem.StatusInfo
      Wscript.Echo "SystemCreationClassName: " & objItem.SystemCreationClassName
      Wscript.Echo "SystemName: " & objItem.SystemName
      Wscript.Echo "TimeOfLastReset: " & objItem.TimeOfLastReset

      Trim this up to remove the items you don't need, and if you only want actual NICs, run an If/Then statement on the AdapterType.

      Hope this helps.



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        Re: Exporting MAC addresses

        You can also use GetMac from the 2000 Server Resource Kit.

        You can run this against the entire domain...(getmac \\servername).

        You can export your servernames to Excel, add the Getmac, and concatenate the columns together. Then copy the commands into notepad and run it as a batch file.

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          Re: Exporting MAC addresses

          What I was really looking to do was find a script or program that would enumerate ALL the MAC addresses of all the workstations on my subnet. I ended up using some batch files from John Saville (Window Magazine, Dec. 14, 1999, "How Can I Get a List of IP addresses on a Network?"). He basically creates a batch file to ping every computer on the subnet runs an arp against it to determine the MAC address, and then parses the results using findstr. I can supply more detailed info if necessary. Thanks for replying!


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            Re: Exporting MAC addresses

            Looping the script I provided will do what you want.

            You just need to extract the computers that are online, like so:

            ' run Net View to extract computers that are online. This cuts down on the time the script runs
            strRunPath = "cmd /c net view /domain:" & strDomain & " > " & strTempFile

            WScript.Sleep(1000) ' pause to allow the Run command to complete

            ' open the temp file for reading
            Set objTempFile = fso.OpenTextFile(strTempFile, 1, false)
            'read until the end of the file
            While Not objTempFile.AtEndOfStream
            strTempLine = objTempFile.ReadLine
            'MsgBox Left(strTempLine,2)
            If Left(strTempLine,2) = "\" Then
            strComputer = Mid(Trim(Left(strTempLine,23)),3) ' trim the line and extract the computer name

            Obviously, you'd insert the WMI code provided earlier and then close the IF and WHILE loops.

            Hope this helps!