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active and inactive computers

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  • active and inactive computers

    I'm using Hyena 2.5

    What's the difference beetween the active and the inactive computers?

    I would like to export all computers that are turned on of a NT4 domain because I want to look what OS they're using. This works with the exporter, but only the active computers are exportet. How can I export the inactive computers that are turned on too?

    Thanks for answering!

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    Re: active and inactive computers

    Inactive computers are those that are not found on the Windows Browse List, which is where the Exporter gets the list from.

    You might want to use the Generate Macro function for this.

    You'll select your computers in Hyena's right window, then go to Tools->Generate Macro.

    In the Macro Command String box type in:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain %E%

    Type in an output file name of:

    c:\program files\hyena\computers.bat

    Click OK and Hyena will create this batch file for you with one line per selected computer.

    Run that batch file to get the information you need.


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      Re: active and inactive computers

      Thanks, this works!

      I've got more than one domains in Hyena. When I select "Enterprise" in the left window and then "All Computers" I have all computers of these domains.

      Now I have selected all computers and would like to generate the macro. But what command have I to write, when I want to see the Domainname?

      Or have I to generate the macro ("Append to File" is selected) individually with all domains with the following command:
      exporter.exe .\export.ini domain %E%


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        Re: active and inactive computers

        I don't believe there would be a way to include the domain in this manner. The domain you specify on the Exporter command line will be entered into the output file.

        The only option might be to do a Ctrl-a, Ctrl-c in the right window to save that data to a delimited text file as it will include the domain. You would then have to join the two output files such as through Access to pull the domain for each computer.


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          Re: active and inactive computers