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  • Exporter from One OU only

    We have a large national domain so I don't want to export users, groups, etc from the whole domain. I'd like to export only from selected OU containers. I have not been able to find a way to do this.

    Could you please help?


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    Re: Exporter from One OU only

    At this time the Export function is not AD-aware, so this can't be done. We are working on enhanced exporting/reporting and should have this ready by the next version.

    What information specifically are you needing for these users?


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      Re: Exporter from One OU only

      I'm just trying to get reports out like I used to when we were on NT.

      User report with name, comment, home directory info, logon info, pwd info, etc

      Group report with group name, members, etc

      Share report with share name, sharepath, sharetrustee-shareaccess

      Printer report with servername, printername, sharenamme, location, comment, portname, drivername, etc.

      Machine report with machinename, comment

      Is there an easier way to print the list from the Hyena GUI window than using print screen?



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        Re: Exporter from One OU only

        Once you have the information displayed in Hyena's right window, you can do a Ctrl-a to select all records, then a Ctrl-c to open the Copy List window. From there you can save to a delimited text file or the Windows Clipboard.