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Exporting Users - Dumb Question

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  • Exporting Users - Dumb Question

    OK, let me apologize before asking this question. But HOW do you export users? I've done it in the past but it has been a LONG time. Today I'm trying and it runs for several minutes and then just populates the .TXT file with the headers but no data. I am running 5.2 and the Exporter.exe shows 2.7.

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    Re: Exporting Users - Dumb Question

    Not a dumb question at all!

    Are you letting it run until it completes, or are you stopping it?

    If it is running to completion and you don't have anything in the file, try running it from the command line:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computer

    In the computer parameter put the name of your PDC.

    Let us know what you find.


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      Re: Exporting Users - Dumb Question

      That worked, from the command line. I wasn't stopping it before, I was letting it run to completion but nothing showed in the dos box except "Exporter version 2.7". Even though I told it verbose, nothing printed to the screen through the GUI. Although it DID output to the screen if running it from the command line. So, what's this tell you?


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        Re: Exporting Users - Dumb Question

        Make sure you let it run until the DOS box closes itself. It may appear as if it isn't running, but still is.

        Once it is complete, then the box will close, and you can then look at the output file to see if it put any information in there.

        The main difference between the 2 methods is that running it from the command line that way specifically targets the PDC by name and the Exporter doesn't have to find out what that is.

        If you are letting it run until the box closes and still aren't getting any output, try changing the Export Command Line on the General tab to:

        c:\program files\hyena\exporter.exe "c:\program files\hyena\export.ini"

        Make sure you enter it exactly like that (unless you have it in a different directory), and let us know what that does.


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          Re: Exporting Users - Dumb Question

          I am letting it run until the DOS box closes. I just copied and pasted your command line into the "Export command line" box on the General tab. It still does the same thing. The DOS box opens, "Exporter version 2.7" appears, the box stays open for about a minute or 2 and then closes with no more input to the screen and nothing in the .TXT file.

          The only check boxes I have checked on the Users tab is "Export Users" and "PDC Users".

          Its like its not seeing the PDC or something from within the GUI???


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            Re: Exporting Users - Dumb Question

            Exporter uses the Browse List to get computer information, and it is possible that Windows is not finding the PDC for that domain.

            I would recommend either using the command line option, or check WINS to make sure you have a domain entry for that domain. (Maybe even try an LMHOSTS file?)