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Exporting with Netbios Disabled

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Exporting with Netbios Disabled

    Exporter depends on the Windows Browse List to get it's list of computers. The only option at this time would be to create a batch file that specifies each computer:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computer1
    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computer2
    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computer3

    We are working on enhanced exporting functions that should make this easier.

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  • Jburger
    started a topic Exporting with Netbios Disabled

    Exporting with Netbios Disabled

    Interesting enough, it would seems as though NetBIOS must be enabled on the computer /servers you wish to export from and the node running the exporter.exe program. If you do the smart thing and disable NetBios on your native environments exporter doesn't seem to work. Anybody have any suggestions for an alternative?