Wen attempting to run a report, you may recieve a Visual Basic error box, "Compile Error, Can't find project or library."

The resolutoin to this is as follows:

1. Open Hyenarpt.mdb in Access
2. Select Modules
3. double click on modReports. This will open the VB Editor
4. Go to the Tools menu & select References...
5. If there is a reference to a DAO object with the word "MISSING" in front, uncheck this line
6. Find the most recent DAO object & check that line.
7. Close the VB editor & Save the database

If the DAO objects are not available, you may need to re-install the Microst MDAC libraries or register the DAO component. Try reinstalling Access or install MAC(http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/de...001860&gssnb=1)