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Error Code 203 when using Exporter-Tool

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  • Error Code 203 when using Exporter-Tool

    I have the problem, when using the exporter-tool to list the Diskspace on the administrative shares on servers (like "c$, D$"), that I receive on several servers the message "unable to list drives on "SERVERNAME". Error = 203. What does this mean ? If I do this procedure manually via GUI, it works.
    Please help me.

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    Re: Error Code 203 when using Exporter-Tool

    The Exporter uses a function called "NetServerDiskEnum" to get the list of disk drives on remote machines. This function unfortunately only reports one error (error 203) for all error conditions. Usually, we have found that its caused by one of the following conditions:

    - The remote computer does not support the function. This usually happens if the remote computer is running Windows 9x or is a SMB (Samba, Linux) computer

    - The remote computer is not a member of the domain or does not have the domain admins global group in its local Administrators group. This would be a permission issue. One way to test this would be to try issuing a "dir \\server\c$" command from the command prompt and see if the admin shares can be accessed. NetServerDiskEnum requires Server Operator or better access to work.

    If you are running Exporter from a scheduled task or job, make sure the account you are using has access to these admin shares.