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NIC Speed and Duplex Tool?

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  • NIC Speed and Duplex Tool?

    Is anyone aware of a generic tool that will return the NIC speed and duplex on a server? We have issues where the switch and NIC sometimes get out of sync, even when we hard-code the NIC, and it would be nice to see the info from Hyena. Thanks!

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    Re: NIC Speed and Duplex Tool?

    I am looking for the same thing I have submited a feature request post for this.

    Let me know if you found a utility for this

    [email protected]


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      Re: NIC Speed and Duplex Tool?

      Did some searching...

      The site is offline and this is a Google cache of it (so no telling how much longer it will be, good luck translating).

      But this is a start:
      Set oNDIS = GetObject("winmgmts:root/wmi").InstancesOf("MSNDIS_LinkSpeed")

      For Each Obj In oNDIS
      WScript.Echo Obj.InstanceName & vbCrLf & Obj.NDISLinkSpeed / 10, "Kbps"

      For more info on the MSNDIS class of WMI:

      Now, that will show you the speed of your NICs, but as for the duplexing, I think you need a custom solution from each manufacturer (if your NIC maker is that pro-active). Example is this from Intel:

      This should work for Intel adapters (which I don't have handy, so I can't test it).

      Hope this gets you on your way. I'm still diggin through the MSNDIS info to see I can find a duplex setting, but so luck.

      May you have better luck!