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disk space across multiple domains

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  • disk space across multiple domains

    I'm trying to check the disk space on servers across 3 domains. I know you can check several servers all on the same domain at once, but I want to be able to view the disk space info on the severs on all 3 domains in one Access document. Anyone know if that is possible, or do I have to check each domain seperatly?

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    Re: disk space across multiple domains

    If your main objective is to have the 3 domains in one report in Access, when you choose Tools->Run Report for the 2nd and 3rd domains, choose Append to existing data.

    If you are wanting to not have to visit each domain separately, you can either:

    A. Create an Object Grouping in Object Manager and add all of your servers to it. This will allow you to display all servers from these domains at the same time in the right window.

    B. Use the command-line exporter.exe located in your Hyena directory in a batch file with one entry per server. This will produce a delimited text file of the disk space for these servers.