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  • Reporting on Servers Only

    I am running V4.5 and using the export function (under file). I am trying to export information on servers only. I appear to have unticked everything to do with workstations, but they still keep appearing. Is there a way to automate this function. I have used the Export program, but the support group have to remember to set up all the necessary files and directories.


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    Re: Reporting on Servers Only

    Exporter gets the computer list from the Windows browse list, and the browse list considers workstations that are sharing out resources as servers. Unfortunately Exporter has no other way of determining computer types.

    As far as the automation, you can use the command-line exporter.exe for this. Just configure your export.ini file with the options you want, then create a batch file with the exporter.exe command in it, then tell them to just run the batch file.

    The syntax is described in exporter.hlp in your Hyena directory.