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    I have a windows 2000 domain. When I want to create a report for all users and i go to Tools-> Run Report. Then the field for the table name is empty and i cannot create a report. However when i change the windows 2000 domain into a wondows domain via File->Manage Object View then the table name USERS is being used when i want to create a report. Al other reporting functions work as well. Only when i manage a windows2000 domain then thos report options are not available. Am I missing something here

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    Re: Report tables

    Active Directory reporting works differently from Windows reporting. There are no 'canned' reports for Active Directory.

    When you run a report for Active Directory information you must enter a unique Report Name and Hyena will export the data to the Access database and create a table with the data in it. From there you can run additional queries or reports using the Access wizards.

    We have plans to rework the reporting areas of Hyena early next year.