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  • Reporting Trust Relationships

    I am fairly frustrated and really need some help. I have 25 Domains in my Network. There are a variety of Trust Relationships between these Domains. How do I create a report that lists all the Trusts between the Domains or even a list that has Domains in Column A, Trusted in Column B and Trusting in Column C?

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    Re: Reporting Trust Relationships

    Hyena does not have any support for reporting or exporting trust relationships.

    You can, however, get a dump/extract of the trusts using DumpSec ( DumpSec is free and you can use the Report->Dump Policies option to get a listing of the policy information, which includes the trust relationships. You will have to do this for each domain, but you might be able to write a command file to do it as well using DumpSec's command line parameters.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.