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  • fin
    Re: Services

    Similar to the above recomendation.

    Run an export on two services. One you know is there (like eventlog) for every machine and the one you are interested in.

    Parse the data in a spreadsheet.
    Remove every pair of server data.
    The lines that are singles are the machines you are missing your service on.

    Used this method on a thousand machines and had my missing services report in about 20 minutes.

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  • cmccullough
    Guest replied
    Re: Services

    There's no way to look for the absence of a service. The only thought here would be to create a list of all computers, then run the export with that service specified.

    The computers that don't have the service installed won't be listed in that output file, only the ones that do. You can then do a comparison of the two files to see which are missing.

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  • Bourqud
    started a topic Services


    I need to identify all station not running a service (not installed). Is it possible with Hyena 4.3? I can use export to find the status of installed service but what about finding not installed service?