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  • Runtime Error 3170


    I've just started using Hyena and when I run a report, it calls MS Access but I get this "Runtime Error 3170" message. It says that it could not find the installable ISAM. I only know that I have to install something, but can anyone please help on what is it in particular?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Runtime Error 3170

    That is caused by Access not having the text import functions installed, or there is a problem with them. You can verify this by opening any database and going to File>Get External Data, then trying to change the Files of Type to Text Files.

    You either won't see the option for text files, or when you select it and try to import in a text file you will get that same error. Hyena's reporting creates a text file and then just runs an Access macro to import the text. If this capability isn't there, Access will give you that error.

    Here is a knowledge base article on it that might help:

    One thing that I have seen work is to uninstall Office, then install again making sure to select ALL of the Access components, especially anthing to do with importing and such.


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      Re: Runtime Error 3170

      It worked. Thanks for the help. I followed the link you gave me and simply unregister, re-register the required dll's.