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Exporter drives servers only

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  • Exporter drives servers only

    I have 2 questions:-

    I have created an export.ini file to detail drive space of servers only - the list that appears details PDC, BDC, servers and print servers in that order. This means duplicates exist and print servers also include workstations which I do not want.

    Is it possible to create a file with only what it says servers (PDC,BDC,servers) without duplicates ?

    2. Also detailed in the report are other columns which I do not require - is it possible to select which columns I require ?


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    Re: Exporter drives servers only

    Hyena gets the list of computers and their types from the Windows browse list, which may have multiple entries based on the role a particular computer is in.

    The only way to get just the specific computers you want is to use a batch file with one line per computer using the syntax of:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain computer

    Put in your controllers and your servers and from that point on just run the batch file whenever you want that report. You can even schedule this batch file to run periodically using Task Scheduler.


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      Re: Exporter drives servers only

      Thanks for the explanation. I'm already running a scheduled batch file as you suggested.