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Report for size of \\Server\e$\Groupname\Usersnetworkdrive$\Profile folder

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  • Report for size of \\Server\e$\Groupname\Usersnetworkdrive$\Profile folder

    Hey k

    This is what is happening.
    The users are saving files to there "MyDocuments" folder in there profile directory.
    Each time the user logs off it saves the profile directory.
    Not a problem if the profile is relitively small, but once it grows to a gig... You get the idea.
    Saving a gig of data each time a user logs off is a little network hogging problem.
    Plus... if the users gets tired of waiting they will shut the system off... Ahhhh!!
    This is when I get a call to restore data because the data did not have a chance to be saved, hence, not backed up.

    I need to find these people.
    We have about 1000+ users. So I don't want to look at each one of these separately.
    I also need this to be in a report that is ez to read.

    Let me know



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    Re: Report for size of \\Server\e$\Groupname\Usersnetworkdrive$\Profile folder

    I think it would be the better way to set a quota for the profile with a grouppolicyobject in W2K or a systempolicy in NT4.