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  • AD OU Reporting

    Our company is very large with nearly 30,000 user objects.

    I am responsible for administering only a small portion of the AD Domain contained within a logical OU.

    Is there any way to restrict my reports and exports (User reports, group reports, security reports, etc) to this single OU??

    Currently, when I report on Group Memberships, Users, etc, it wants to report on the entire AD. This can be very time consuming.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: AD OU Reporting

    We will be updating the Export functions of Hyena to support AD reporting at a future date.

    For now, you can add your domain as a Windows 2000 Domain under File->Manage Object View. When you add it in this manner you will see OUs listed beneath the domain and be able to access data specific to that OU.