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Exporting machine accounts

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  • Exporting machine accounts

    I am doing preparation work for an NT domain consolidation. In the domain, I have approximately 300 machine accounts but only 200 appear to be active. Exporter provides exactly what I want on the 200 machines but leaves me hanging on the other 100. What I would like to do is generate a "machine.txt" report that has complete information on the 200 machines and perhaps a single, incomplete entry (machine name only) for the other 100 that are not active. It appears that the default behavior is to report nothing (not even a line entry) about the 100 inactive machine accounts in the machines.txt file. I want to be able to publish a listing of the "non-active" machine accounts to the user community before I simply delete them.

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    Re: Exporting machine accounts

    This is a good question.

    Exporter does not handle computers that are not on the browse list. To get a basic computer list, first turn on the option to "View All Computers" under Tools->Settings->View. Then, simply view the Computers for any given domain object in the right window. "Offline" computers (computers not on the browse list) will appear with greyed-out icons. These are your missing computers. You can sort this list by clicking on the Type column, then Edit->Select All, Edit->Copy. This will let you dump all or selected entries to a simple text file. Using Hyena v4.1, you can select an option to copy the icon too.

    We also have another technique that you can use to help find old computer accounts. Go here:

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Exporting machine accounts

      Worked like a charm... Thanks