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Suggestion: Option for drive size units

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  • Suggestion: Option for drive size units

    We're using Hyena to collect drive space data from many servers and dump it into Access. We want to do some math on drive space, but can't because it's not a "number" field, because of the GB/MB size identifier appended to each size.

    How about a new option in Hyena to select either GB or MB (and maybe even TB) as the standard unit for reporting drive space? Then the drive-space query would return just numbers, and we could easily do some math in Access.

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    Re: Suggestion: Option for drive size units

    Actually you can do this now by going to Tools->Settings->View and changing the Disk Space View Options to Bytes Only.

    You will need to change the field type and the input spec in the database to Number.

    If you have any trouble with that just send and email to [email protected] and we will gladly assist you with it.

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      Re: Suggestion: Option for drive size units

      Thanks! So my suggestion has already been implemented

      I just made the changes in Hyena and Access, and it works! (When I re-defined the Access fields to be "numbers", it bombed. Then I realized I had to change the field size from "long integer" to "double" to accommodate the large numbers being reported.)