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Exporter - Drive mask troubles

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  • Exporter - Drive mask troubles

    I am trying to use exporter.exe to automate the production of disk capacity reports.

    Whenever I try adding multiple drive masks in the ExportDriveSpaceMask field, I get a blank report - the headers appear but there is no info. I am trying to use multiple drive masks since our servers are not all set up the same even within a domain. Some have %s$, some are drive_%s$, etc. Drives me bugs but it's what I have to work with.

    When I run exporter with a single drive mask, whether the default or another, in that field, the report is fine.

    I've tried this with and without quotes, with a colon (but no space) seperating the different values. No luck. If this is possible, would some kind soul send me the syntax?

    I will note that we have a "real" copy of Hyena and that the multiple drive masks work fine in it for disk reporting. I am trying to set this up with exporter so that our helpdesk (if possible) can do this.

    (As a tangent - I set up our helpdesk's group as having "Read" permissions to the shares cdrive$, ddrive$ but exporter gives error 203 when trying to do a report on one of those accounts. The reports work fine on the PDC/BDC since they have "Account Operator" privileges but I wonder if anyone knows what permissions I have to give them on the member servers since the "Account Operator" local group doesn't work.)


    Charlotte Blackmer
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    Re: Exporter - Drive mask troubles

    Exporter doesn't support multiple drive masks, only Hyena can do this for you.

    I believe that this function requires Server Operator or better access to work.