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  • reporting on globl goups

    I would like to be able to report on approximately 20 global groups (view all members). I don't want to have to go through and select one at a time and then do a Tools -> Run report for each of of the 20. does anyone have a suggestion on how to set this up for easy reporting

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    Re: reporting on globl goups

    The other option would be to use the Export Members function under File->Export->Members.

    This will give you a delimited text file with all groups and their members that you can open with Excel and remove the unwanted information.


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      Re: reporting on globl goups

      I saw something similar to your reply somewhere else on the Discussion Board, however, we have a total of 4274 Global groups, and I am only interested in auditing 21 of these groups. Is there any way to do some filtering before I do the Export Members function.

      I can use the Tool Generate macro function to get the command %G% VIEW ALL MEMBERS with the correct Global groups in it, but what do I do with the file once it has all the information in it. How do I execute it.


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        Re: reporting on globl goups

        Actually, I just learned something that will make this easier for you.

        Go to the Groups tab under File->Export and enter your groups in the Specific Groups to Export box with [] around each group, such as:


        The Export Members function will also read this entry from the ini file and only export members for these groups.