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listing multiple computers

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  • listing multiple computers

    When running this line in the exporter command line:

    Exporter .\export.ini domainname computername

    is it possible to list multiple computer names?

    Sorry posted the first one in the wrong section.

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    Re: listing multiple computers

    No, you will need a batch file with one line per computer:
    Exporter .\export.ini domainname computerA
    Exporter .\export.ini domainname computerB
    Exporter .\export.ini domainname computerC

    If you are using Hyena you can use the Generate Macro function to create the batch file for you.

    In Hyena, get the servers in the right window, by double-clicking on the Computers object, or whatever way is easier for you. Then select your computers with the Ctrl key and clicking on them. Once you have selected all of the computers, then go to Tools>Generate Macro.

    In the Macro Command String box type:

    exporter.exe .\export.ini domain %E%

    and type in the Output file name, such as report.bat or something.

    When you click OK, Hyena will create this file with one entry per computer that you had selected and replace the %E% with the computer name.