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How to generate a full report

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  • How to generate a full report

    How would I go about generating all of the possible reports for a given domain? (without having to manually go through the structure and generate a report for each object)

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    Re: How to generate a full report

    Hyena's report function (Tools->Generate Report) is limited to just what is displayed in the right window at any given time. But with a little trick, you can export a lot of information for multiple domains or computers using Hyena's Export function (File->Export).

    First, export the desired information for a single domain. Then, go to a command prompt, and use this command to run Exporter for a different domain:

    Exporter .\export.ini domainname

    The "." is shorthand for the current directory. Replace the <domainname> with the name of any domain. Note that you might want to turn the Append option on in the export.ini file so that the data will all be appended for all domains to the same file.

    If you want to just export information for computers, and not domains, add a computer name to the command line like:

    Exporter .\export.ini domainname computername

    This will speed things up, plus give you just specific computer information in our output files.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.