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Server node over VPN not working

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  • Server node over VPN not working

    In pre-version 7 this worked fine. Running v.11.2.5 now. If I am connected on a VPN I cannot expand the servers node. It tries for several seconds and then nothing. I can expand the computers node and access servers from there. When I expand the computers node it also cannot tell what is offline or not, so I have to have it set to show all. I can access and see the servers via other network browsing means, only Hyena is having this problem. I have tried specifying a specific domain controller with no luck. Any thoughts?

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    The 'Servers' node relies upon the browse list in Windows, which may or may not work over a VPN connection due to how it works. But the bigger problem is that Microsoft is gradually eliminating it and its essentially gone in 2012. Even then, there are a lot of things to break it. Since you are not getting an error (no browser service available), which is the most common problem, I assume your browse list is just empty or partially filled out without any servers. One way to test to see if there is anything on the list is to go to Tools > Settings > View, and turn on the option to 'Integrate AD computer listing with browse list'. Then, look at an OU with computers, or All Computers, and see if any computers are blue vs. grey. Also, note any performance issues. If all computers are greyed out, then the browse list is either not working or empty, or both. Turn the option off to save time trying to retrieve the browse list.

    We do have an FAQ on this topic with some workarounds here, so one method that might work for you is to setup an AD query to just retrieve the servers based on an AD filter. This is sort of the same though as just adding the OS attribute to a query and sorting on it.

    The only way to tell if a computer is offline or not (assuming the browse list integration option does not work or is too slow over a VPN), is to turn on the Ping options (Tools > Settings > View). There isnt any way for Hyena to know if a set of computers retrieved from an OU, etc. are available or not, but the Ping option will give you a status bar indicator. VPN should not add too many variables to that.

    Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for the question.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Thank you for the feedback. I will check some of them when I get home. It is a high speed VPN, 75MB, so likely not a performance issue. It works fine on the LAN, just not over the VPN.