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  • Temporary license transfer

    Hi all,

    apologies if this has already been asked; I tried a couple searches but did not come up with the answers I was looking for.

    My company is thinking about buying a pack of licenses, but they are concerned about what happens when the administrator who is using it is not available.

    I don't mean when the admin leaves the company, because that would be a total transfer (an eventuality is covered in the license) but more a "what if the administrator is on leave"?[1]

    Would another administrator be allowed to use the copy of Hyena that another administrator regularly use, if the latter is out of the office for a predetermined amount of time?

    Also, when a license transfer occurs, after sending the written notice of the transfer is it necessary to wait for the licensor to acknowledge it, o is it enough to send the email/letter and from that moment on the license is considered transferred?

    Finally, when on a shared VM, is it correct that once a license is transferred is not necessary for the software to be uninstalled, but only for the new licensee to input the license code in the registration box (and for the old admin to unregister/delete the data folder containing the license information)?

    Thank you in advance!

    [1] The reason I'm asking is because we are unclear on this part of the Licensing Information on the main website:
    Originally posted by [URL][/URL]
    Hyena is licensed only to the user actually using the software, regardless of the number of end-users, domains, or servers actually managed.

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    Thanks for the inquiry concerning licensing. In general, we require that anyone that has access to the software, ie would potentially be able to use the software, have a license. We don't support concurrent licensing because its really impractical to support and a company could (and do...) come up with extreme examples where you have a single license that is used in the first half of the workday by "Bob", and the last half of the day by "Jane". Since we view both Bob and Jane as having access to the software, you would need two licenses in this example.

    Now, I did say "in general". If an administrator that had access was gone for an extended period (eg, months), for example on extended leave (medical, maternity), and another administrator / position is tasked with doing that person's job, then its reasonable to allow the new person to use the software without an additional license as the other person cannot access it. And we would not need to know about this transfer either.

    We don't require a formal letter or any procedure to be done when uninstalling, installing, or transferring a license, because with hundreds of thousands of users, that would get unmanageable fairly quick !.

    And your last question about the shared VM, yes, as each person runs the software initially, they can enter the license code. And uninstall as necessary.

    Let me know if you need more clarifications.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.