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Shared configuration files setting not working when using runas to launch Hyena?

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  • Shared configuration files setting not working when using runas to launch Hyena?

    I have recently been forced to start launching Hyena using my domain admin login rather than my usual network login. I'm using the "Run as different user" option, and the first thing I noticed is that all my customized settings were gone. I looked up shared settings, and found:

    I set a Path to Object Manager in the Hyena settings in Hyena for both logins, and it seemed to save that setting after closing and re-opening Hyena. Then I moved all the files from C:\Users\<RegularLogin>\AppData\Roaming\SystemTool s\Hyena\ over to the path that I set for Path to Object Manager. I also made sure to delete everything in C:\Users\<DomainAdminLogin>\AppData\Roaming\System Tools\Hyena\. However, when I launch Hyena as the domain admin login, none of my settings appear to be loaded, and I'm not seeing any of the dozen or so custom Objects I created in Object Manager. And the default files in C:\Users\<DomainAdminLogin>\AppData\Roaming\System Tools\Hyena\ reappear. Is it the Shared Settings feature that's broken, or is my issue caused by using runas, or did I just do it wrong?

    Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit
    Hyena v10.0 rev 'E'

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    You could copy the files from your regular login profile to the admin profile, but if you want to use shared settings you can do that as well. At this point if you login with your admin account and go to Tools > Settings > General, what do you have under Path to Object Manager and other shared configuration files? If it is still pointing to the shared location, close Hyena and copy the files once more from your regular profile to the shared directory. Without deleting or changing anything else, run it with your admin account again and let us know what you see at that point.


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      1. I run Hyena as admin account
      2. Path to Object Manager... is H:\HyenaConfig\
      3. I copy some of the files from C:\Users\<regular login>\AppData\Roaming\SystemTools\Hyena\ to H:\HyenaConfig\. Several of the files in the AppData folder are dated from 2001 to 2007, while the equivalent files in H:\HyenaConfig\ are dated 2013. The files I do copy are AD_OBJECTS.DAT, AD_VIEWS.DAT and TOOL_CMDS.DAT.
      4. I run Hyena as admin account again

      None of my settings appear to have loaded (Custom Tools, Objects, etc)

      Edit: After doing this, I also lost my custom tools and objects and whatnot in my regular login Hyena. I deleted those three files from H:\HyenaConfig, restored my backups, and my regular Hyena is back to normal. Launching Hyena as admin account still does not show my custom tools and objects.
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        Copy the correct files to the shared location again. Logged in as your admin account, go ahead and specify a Shared Settings (.INI) file name under Tools > Settings > General, such has H:\HyenaConfig\hyenasettings.ini. Make sure the Path to Object Manager still points to H:\HyenaConfig\, check the box to Save all of these settings into shared settings .INI file, then click OK. Go back to Tools > Settings > General and verify those settings are there, then close Hyena and run it again using your admin account.


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          Tried that, no change.

          Both my regular account and admin account are using H:\HyenaConfig\SharedSettings.ini. Is this correct?


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            I just thought about this, but is H: mapped for the admin account as well? You might have to logon with that user to determine this, but if H: doesn't exist or is mapped somewhere else for that user, Hyena won't be able to find that path. Actually, it would be faster to test this by using a UNC path: \\server\share\HyenaConfig\. For your admin account change both paths to that format and see if that makes a difference.


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              H is indeed mapped to the same location for the admin account, but I tried using the UNC path instead just in case. And it worked, thanks!


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                I have a couple follow-up questions for you:
                1. My user icons settings (in the Settings -> Active Directory tab) didn't transfer over. Where are those stored?
                2. When I view the Properties of a group or user using my regular account, it opens the ADU&C Properties window (as expected). When I do the same from Hyena launched with admin account, it opens the Hyena Properties window. Is this another setting that didn't transfer over, or is this because I'm launching Hyena as a different user?


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                  Those settings should be picked up by the settings file: SharedSettings.ini in your example. Make sure, though, that when you make changes under Tools > Settings that you check the box to Save all of these settings to into shared setting .INI file.