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Feature Request vPro - Intel AMT

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  • Feature Request vPro - Intel AMT

    Right now Hyena supports WOL however WOL is not very reliable and also requires a manual setup of the WOL.dat file, which on a larger network is a pain.

    I'd like to see support for the basic functions of vPro, Intel AMT added to Hyena. It would be nice to right-click a computer and wake it up or enter the BIOS. Of course it requires configuration of the PC first, but once setup, it is much more reliable than WOL. Any chance you could add that?

    Also another request on a completely different subject...make the Tools|Settings window larger or re-sizable. Working on a long list of custom tools in this tiny window is painful.



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    Thanks for the suggestions. We will look closely into both of these.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      We don't seem to have the appropriate hardware to test this, so see if this works for you. You can download this command-line utility:

      In Hyena you can create a Custom Tool to run it by going to Tools->Custom Tools->Tool Settings. Click the New button, and enter a Menu Caption for this tool of something like vPro Wakeup. For the Command Line try:

      cmd /c remotecontrol.exe -hostname %E% -powerUp

      (The remotecontrol utility has other functions as well, but this should be the easiest to test)

      Click OK to save that tool. To run it right-click on a computer and choose Custom Tools->vPro Wakeup. Assuming you have a computer that uses the vPro Intel chipset, this seems like it should wake it up.


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        The Remotecontrol.exe tool works as a custom tool, thanks for pointing that out.

        We use a tool for remote control named RAdmin. The RAdmin viewer app (free download) includes basic support for Intel AMT - vPro. I'd like to see Hyena incorporate some of this functionality. Yes, I can wake up the PC or power-down with the remotecontrol.exe tool, but vPro can do more than that, it can network boot the system (For operating system deployment using PXE/Windows Deployment Serverices) or I can boot into the BIOS on the system and actually change the values.

        Take a look at this RAdmin KB article for an idea:

        I've also created another custom tool to open the AMT Web page for the system, a simple batch file with the contents START http://%1:16992/. Create the tool with the command cmd.exe /c OpenvProWeb.cmd %E%. The vPro Web page lets you perform some management tasks, like adding users, configuring boot order, powering up, but no BIOS control.

        Anyway, just a feature set I'd like to see in Hyena to make my life easier.