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Installed Software and Nested Installers

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  • Installed Software and Nested Installers

    When I go to Properties>Software and scan the list I see an accurate listing of installed software. However, some of the fields for some of the software apps listed seem to have the wrong publisher/installed location/etc fields. The values in those fields appear to be values from other applications installed via a nested MSI.

    I understand that the software list is populated from the registry keys in Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstal l

    When I check the registry, I see entries for all applications including nested installations. The publisher/installation location and other info for the applications with incorrect information appears to come from the registry directly below in the registry listing.

    For example:
    In registry I see
    111.. For App1
    222.. For App2 which was installed from a nested MSI

    In Hyena Software for App1 I see
    Name=Name from App1
    Publisher=Publisher from App2
    Installed Location=Installed Location from App2

    When nested app is uninstalled I see the correct information for App1. i.e.
    Name=Name from App1
    Publisher=Publisher from App1
    Installed Location=Installed Location from App1

    Seems that installing software from a Nested MSI is causing the Software Info to be populated wrong. Sound like a bug? Any ideas?

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    Re: Installed Software and Nested Installers

    Send screenshots of what you see in Hyena, and the information in the registry to [email protected] so we can see what you are referring to.