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  • Hyena applicability question


    Could you, please tell how Hyena could be useful in the following task…

    We have a client who manages plenty of data in his Windows Active Directory (under 2003 Server). He gave us parameters for LDAP connection and particulars of the data that we may access under that account.

    What we need is to pull out specific data (fields) via LDAP, and then port it into our local LDAP Server (WAC under 2003 Server), so we can use it locally.

    Can Hyena be used in this task? If yes, then how? Apologies, if it sounds like a complex question, but we need to know this before buying the tool…

    Thank you,

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    Re: Hyena applicability question

    Hyena may not be the best tool for this job because we don't have any mechanisms to import data back into a generic LDAP server. We are working on an import utility, but it will initially only support Active Directory. Hyena and Exporter Pro can both extract (export) data out of AD, using LDAP into a text file, but you would have to find another utility for importing the data. AD comes with the csvde and ldif utilities, which might be a free solution, but these utilities give me fits on how to use.

    Exporter Pro comes with Hyena and can be purchased by itself for half the price, but Hyena can make quick work on getting the data from AD in a flexible/GUI way.

    The Hyena and Exporter Pro evaluation for fully functional for 30 days so please try it out first.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.