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'Run As' - passing alternate credentials

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  • 'Run As' - passing alternate credentials

    I administer a med\large windows environment in which I am a domain admin on the primary domain. I am responsible for obtain reports from various trusted and non trusted domains in that environment however I do not use my own account to connect to those domain. Therefore when I add them into my Managed Objects view, I get access denied when attempting to connect to them. I do have access to those domains via other id's however I do not have Hyena installed there .
    Is there any way I can configure Hyena to pass alternate credentials when I open those objects? Similar to the 'Run as' option that is available via the native NT tools.

    I am running Hyena 6.0.

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    Re: 'Run As' - passing alternate credentials

    Assuming these are AD domains, you can't do this with Hyena v6.0. In v6.7 we added an option to do this, however, there are some limitations:

    - We don't save the credentials from one session to the next
    - And, it might not work in some cases. AD has poor support for dealing with alternate credentials. After giving Hyena alternate credentials, Hyena provides these on all AD data requests to the remote system, but in some cases it does not work.

    I would recommend that if you want to try this, download an eval of v7.0 on another computer to see how it works for you or try running Hyena under another account before upgrading.

    Also, there is an option under Control Panel (Users, Manage Passwords) that might also be usable for specifying a number of different credentials.

    Let us know if you find anything that works for you.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: 'Run As' - passing alternate credentials

      Thanks. I'll give Hyena 7 a try . One of the other concerns I had which I failed to mention was the licensing issues regarding running via separate credentials. When I do run Hyena 6 under alternate credentials I am asked to enter the licence file information. I suspect this will be a problem as we have a limited amount of licences available to us.
      Ultimately I am 1 person with several id's But Hyena will see it differently and view me as being multiple users, even though I am using the same instance of the Hyena install. It would be nice to tie the two together for ease of use. I'm sure I must not be the only admin out there with this issue. Thanks


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        Re: 'Run As' - passing alternate credentials

        Hyena is licensed per-administrator, so you can logon as many times as you want to, run it under different accounts, use it from different locations (ie home, remotely, etc.), all with the same license.

        The problem is the settings are kept per-user in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, per M$ recommendations, and the software does not know its licensed.

        There are two ways to fix this, the easiest assuming you have just a few accounts is to logon locally with the account, run Hyena, enter the license information, then exit and logoff. Using RunAS with the same account will then not prompt for the license. The other way is to use a license file, register_key.dat, and if you want to try that option, let us know.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.