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Dumpsec command line option

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  • Dumpsec command line option


    Im using dumpsec.exe from the command line with the /rpt=Groupscol switch.
    This dumps all the groups including its members from my domain member server.
    The problem here is that the 'domain users' group, which is a member of the local users group, is listed with all it's members(nesting). We have 5000 members in that group, so it takes a very lomg time.

    My question is; When using the dumpsec-GUI, there is a checkbox " Fully Expand Groups (handle case where local group in resource domain includes global group from master domain). Is this switch possible from the command line? If not, any idea if it will be implemented in a next version please?

    Thank you very much

    Erwin B.

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    Re: Dumpsec command line option

    There's no command line switch to control that one. We are no longer updating DumpSec, so this is not something that will be changing.