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  • Sync Button

    I often use the Filter Function to search for a computer in the large 'Computer' list on the Right Window of Hyena.
    Then I miss a 'Synchronization Button' that Synchronizes the Left Window with the Right Window.
    For Example:
    I search for Computer 'ComputerXY' with the Filter Function in the Right Window.
    Now the only computer listed in the Right Window is 'ComputerXY'.
    Then I want to click a button, so that the cursor jumps and selects 'ComputerXY' in the Computer List in the Left Window.
    This would be really helpfull.

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    Re: Sync Button

    Thanks you for the suggestion. We get this suggestion from time-to-time, so you are not the first.

    There isn't much we can do to offer this functionality unfortuantely, as there isn't any relationship between the two windows and it would take a major redesign to create one. When you return from a Find, Hyena actually re-retrieves the computer information from the directory. But to expand and select the computers in the left window would require that all of the computers be retrieved, and this would take time and bandwidth to do.

    If the data were already there, that is one thing, but Hyena does not store or cache information, so when you close/collapse a level in the left Window, the information is deleted.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: Sync Button

      It is not difficult to program what I want. I programmed with listviews and treeviews and this function has nothing to do with re-retrieving computer information. It is much easier.
      Maybe it wasn't clear what I meant?
      For example:
      1. In the left window (Treeview) you select 'Domain XY' then 'Computer'. You double click 'Computer'. Now the computerlist in the Treeview is expanded and you see perhaps 100 computers.
      2. Now in the right window (Listview) you see this computerlist too.
      3. Now you perform a find in the Listview looking for the friendly description of the computer (perhaps 'Scan-computer').
      In this monent you don't know the computername, only the description 'Scan-computer'.
      After the find the Listview shows:
      Directory Name | Description
      'Computer abc' | 'Scan computer'

      4. Now if you want to look at the properties (maybe services) of 'Computer abc', you must then change to the Treeview and scroll down to the 'Computer abc'. This can be very long in a large computer list.

      To shorten this, my wish would be if i could right click on the 'Computer abc' in the Listview, then select 'Sync'. Then the cursor should jump to the 'Computer abc' in the Treeview. That's the only thing. Not more!


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        Re: Sync Button

        The problem with this function though is that it would assume that someone would have also expanded the computers list in both windows like this. I don't know how frequently this would happen. There is also the problem of finding the right computer list if multiple domains are used, etc. as like I said we don't maintain relationships between the windows. Computers can be retrieved from multiple locations too, All Computers, an OU, or a Search/Filter.

        I think a better solution would be for us to ensure that every function that is available in the left window is available in the right window. I think most are, but I'll double-check to make sure that I'm not missing something. But services, for example, are available in both windows.
        Kevin Stanush
        SystemTools Software Inc.


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          Re: Sync Button

          Yes, it would be nice if I could expand the the settings of the computer in the right window too. Perhaps in a later version!?


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            Re: Sync Button

            My suggestion:
            Use the left window only for listing the computers and objects.
            Use the right window exclusive for showing details.