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    I'm a domain admin for an NT 4.0 domain. I have used Hyena since version 3.0 and I love it. I'm currently running v 6.7 to manage three domains (2000, 2003, NT 4.0). Recently I'm having a problem changing NTFS security on directory on a remote server. Everything looks normal until I press the apply or OK button. The Directory propert/security windows freez and I have to terminate the process which in turn terminate Hyena. I tried the same function from two different workstations running Hyena v 6.5 and 6.7 on two diferent server running NT 4.0/SP6. I rebooted the workstations just in case I have corrupted memory, but no change. This function used to work just fine before. I'm not having the same problem controlling Windows 2000/2003. Any suggestion?

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    Re: NFTS security

    I found the problem. The directory was marked with ready only attribute.