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Win 2000 Shutdown - a different issue.

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  • Win 2000 Shutdown - a different issue.

    When I click on Shut Down at the Desktop and then confirm at the shutdown options screen, the PC attempts to shut down as normal. However, whereas a normal shutdown would invoke two message screens, the second with a list of drivers being unloaded, my problem is that, on occasions, after the first message screen the PC shuts down without the driver unloading and then reboots with an error message stating "one of your disks needs checking..." (or something similar).

    The subsequent disk check is tedious and I'd like to know what is happening and what I can do to cure it. Could the problem be in any way related to a similar inadvertent shutdown whilst on-line which also occurs occasionally?

    Checking with Norton SystemWorks, Ontrack SystemSuite, and/or Trend SystemClean have been to no avail.