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  • Hyena Access to OU computers

    I have a few machines that.. I can ping via CMD..Hyena Lights up the icon meaning it see's it but cannot ping it, or access any WMI info of any kind...My DDNS hasnt reg'd these machines but they are live and working... Any hints?.


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    Re: Hyena Access to OU computers

    If you are using AD, and they are part of an OU, Hyena might be trying to access them by the DNS address. This is controlled by a setting under Tools->Settings->Active Directory , "User DNS Computer Paths". If you uncheck this option, then reopen the OU, Hyena will use the Netbios name in all access functions.

    But, using Netbios might cause other things to break.

    If these computers are special, you can always add them as static objects and put in whatever path (including IP) for them that you want to.
    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.