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  • WOL and VLANs

    I've found WOL works with any PC that is on the same subnet/vlan (that's how we set it up here). If I try to send a WOL packet to another PC on another subnet/vlan (but still on our LAN) it will not wake up the PC. I've tried using the broadcast address of the vlan the PC is on (the one that I wanna wake up), the broadcast address of my subnet/vlan, tried using different ports, tried the root router's IP and broadcast, but I can't seem to get it to work. I tried using port 67 and 68 (DHCP UDP ports) to see if it'd pass the packet but it was a no-go. What else can I do or try?

    Thanks for a great tool.

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    Re: WOL and VLANs

    I am not sure as I can't repreduce this environment. It could be that WOL won't work in this situation, or our implementation is bad for your environment. You might try searching for a free WOL utility (command line or GUI) and see if you can get it to work.

    Kevin Stanush
    SystemTools Software Inc.


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      Re: WOL and VLANs

      I having problems with the configuration of WOL. the IP address of the client is Subnet mask and the server where Hyena is installed is and subnet mask

      I am getting error not found hostmane:
      the wol.dat file is with the folowing info:

      ca-atest-xp 50-C3-21-C9-8D-07

      Please help


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        Re: WOL and VLANs

        I just replied to an email from either you or a coworker, but basically you need to make sure there is a tab in the wol.dat file between the computer name and the MAC address.


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          Re: WOL and VLANs

          I'm not sure if that will even work since the host is on a different subnet (like my case) if the WOL broadcasts are filtered between subnets.